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Lesson Policies

Welcome to my studio!  I very much look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your musical goals!  Below you will find a few things to help explain how the studio works. 


Lesson Times:  Once a lesson time is established you have a standing appointment each week at your designated time.  Because I am a performing musician, there will be times that performances will mean shifts in the regular schedule.  When this happens every effort will be made to accommodate you at a different time for that week.  I feel very strongly that by performing I am bringing more experience and knowledge to my students, and that any small irregularities in the lesson schedule will be outweighed by these benefits.  


Missed Lessons: Each student is allowed one approved absence per month.  An approved absence is one for which I've received at least 24 hour's notice, or a true emergency situation.  More absences due to illness or other factors in the month are fine, but non refundable, and makeups for lessons past the one allotted will not be given. 


Tuition:  Payment for the month is due by the 20th of the preceding month (Ex: July tuition would be due by June 20th) The weeks of Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving will have no lessons, but tuition will remain the same in these months--lessons have been averaged out to account for these weeks throughout the year. Tuition can be paid via cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle.  


A la carte lessons: Advanced and adult students are welcome to schedule lessons at their convenience.  Payment is due at the beginning of each lesson, and the same 24 hour's notice will be required for missed lessons.  Without sufficient notice, students will be expected to pay for any missed lessons.

Books:  Each student will need to purchase their own books for lessons.  I will discuss with you which lesson book and supplementary materials may be best for you.  I also realize that many students have had lessons before and therefore own books already.  In most cases, I am happy to work with the materials you already own.  If new books are needed, you may choose to purchase them on your own, or purchase them through me.


Other Materials:  There are some materials that are necessary other than books.  These will differ depending on the instrument the student is studying.  Students taking piano will need:  a metronome, a piano or keyboard with a working sustain pedal, a pencil for writing in their music, and a notebook to keep records of homework to be done for the next week  Students taking voice will need: a music stand, a three ring binder and pencil, something to drink during lessons, and a mirror nearby.  Also, especially for voice students, it is very beneficial to record lessons to listen to during the week.  Often times I will ask the student to make small shifts in their approach, which will alter their sound.  However, these changes are not audible to the singers themselves as it is impossible to hear your own voice in any true sense while singing.  The equipment need not be expensive or high-tech.  In most cases a cell phone with Voice Recorder capabilities will do.  Students studying flute or saxophone will need a metronome as well as a music stand.


Homework: Each week students will be given homework by their instructor.  It is expected that during the week the student will practice this assignment and do any written work assigned.  We cannot stress how important this part of the learning process is!  A week is a long time, especially for younger children.  If they don’t work at their assignment they WILL forget it completely.  The best possible schedule would be at least 10 minutes of practice every day.  Often, longer practice times fewer times a week, are not as productive as shorter sessions that take place more often.  If regular practice does not take place more often than not, the instructor will speak with the student or parents of a non-adult student to figure out if lessons should continue. 

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